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Wed, Feb 15, 2012 11:56 PM


Lightroom Classic: Scratch disk settings

In preferences why can't we change the memory allocation for the 'scratch disc'. In Photoshop you can assign one or more hard drives. It would help speed up Lightroom would it not ?


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9 years ago

Lightroom doesn't use a Scratch Disk, thus you cannot change the settings for one. Your images are never opened with Lightroom, as they are with Photoshop, thus a separate space is never required.

Memory usage is largely dependent on where the catalog is stored. At that location, the thumbnails are generated, as well as the catalog support files. Hard drive usage is mostly focused here, but also includes accessing your image files for creating larger sized thumbnails.

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That's wrong, LR uses a scratch disk when merging big panoramas

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9 years ago


I'm afraid this is not entirely true. There are known instances, where LR starts building a "spillover" file (cr_sdk_nnnnnnnn.tmp) in the operating systems %temp% directory.

I've seen users having filled their system drive up to no space left by these files.

Maybe under normal circumstances these files should not be built (one instance was a bug in export with limited file size a while ago, another one a reported bug when scrolling thru Loupe view of Raw images in the Import dialog), but for completeness, this is a "scratchpad" area of LR which is not configurable (from within LR).

Of course you can direct the operating system to re-locate the %temp% folder to somewhere else, but maybe that's not what users might want to do.


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4 years ago

When I try to Merge to Pano, LR is filling up my boot drive and paralyzing my Mac. I'm not impressed. C'mon Adobe, let us designate an external scratch disk!!!

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a year ago

@Jacques Cornell, Im Currently having this problem and kind find a solution anywhere, did you come to a conclusion how to fix?

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21 days ago

please support my idea here, to ask adobe to let us customize it