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Tue, Nov 26, 2019 10:54 PM


Lightroom Classic: Remote control from mobile

Recently I’ve been culling massive shoots from LR mobile And I keep thinking I could save a ton of time by having LR mobile tell my workstation at home to begin generating all the hdr and pano automations and stacking then sync the result back to the cloud.


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a year ago

I never use LR for HDR, there are too many missed choices that HDR Effex Pro 2 gives me which I would miss. Same with Panos, the cropping/editing before merging would be impossible. How about a laptop with an external drive with the EXACT same path as your “Lightroom Photos” folder and do HDR/Panos in the field? Haven’t tried the mobile Photoshop, will that help?

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a year ago

If you set up your desktop to accept external control from your laptop then your laptop just becomes a  keyboard and screen for the desktop and you can do anything you want on the desktop from the laptop.  This would require you to use some sort of 3rd party SW that allows you to control one computer from another.