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Mon, May 17, 2021 11:41 AM

Lightroom Classic: Reliable hue values under both, Windows and Apple OS

Your colleague from the Lightroom suppport team asked me to send you an issue report, because this helps him to solve the issue with Lightroom (see Adobe Case ADB-19263457-N2L1 CRM:04350000000140).

A color wheel file prepared  with the help of Photoshop
For the my color grading work in Lightroom I determine with the LR color picker the actual hue values of a foto. These values are used in Adobe Color to derive  in the HSB mode hue values fulfilling the requirements of color harmony rules.

Therefore I need reliable hue values delivered by a Photoshop and/or Lightroom color picker. To test them I prepared in Photoshop a color wheel file with the following features:

  • sorry, I was not able to attach the color wheel file; maybe it as already uploaded by the ticket system;
  • jpg file prepared under Windows 10 with an
  • embedded ICM Profile = ProPhotoRGB
  • representing a color wheel with 12 segments
  • segment for red with an hue value = 0,
    segment for orange with an hue value = 30,
    segment for yellow (= gelb) with an hue value = 60,
    and so on up to blue-red (blaurot) with an hue value = 330

Reliable hue values in Photoshop under Windows but not under Apple MacOS
I checked the hue values with the help of the Photoshop color picker under Photoshop CC on a Windows PC. The actual and the expected hue values are the same.

Colleagues and students told me that this is not the case under Photoshop CC on an Apple PC. A colleague of your Lightroom support team confirmed this, too.

What I need
I need information or a solution that the color wheel file (built with Photoshop CC under Windows) delivers the same correct hue values in Photoshop CC on an Apple PC. We want to rely on Photoshop that it delivers the same result on an Windows and an Apple PC.


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2 m ago

I'm not seeing the file in the case notes. Could you post the file via CC-files or dropbox and post the link here? I'll have QE/eng take a look.



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2 m ago


I tested you file using 1 point color samplers and I get consistent numbers on PC and Mac. You really should use a PSD or a TIFF for color measurement like this, even a very high quality jpeg can still have some small variance at pixel level. This is what I would expect.



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1 m ago

Hi Guenther,

Images exported from Lightroom (e.g., sent to Photoshop as TIFF files or via the Edit-in-Photoshop feature) are fully color-managed on both macOS and Windows, so the color readouts will be the same.

In actual testing, my experience is the same as Tom's. Namely, when I open your test file in Photoshop on both Windows and macOS, I get the same numeric color readouts in Photoshop using the sampler tool / Info palette.

If you are seeing very different numbers between macOS and Windows when opening the document from Lr into Ps, the reason is likely due to different color space settings in Lr's Export or Edit-in-Photoshop settings. Make sure you are using the same color space for both. It sounds like you expect to be getting numeric values in ProPhoto, so you need to make sure that the document you are sending to Ps is not being converted to some other space first.