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Mon, Jun 10, 2019 6:20 PM


Lightroom Classic: Reinstate old preference "Apply Auto Mix When First Converting To Black And White"

Hello.  As discussed in previous threads, Adobe removed the preference "Apply Auto Mix When First Converting To Black And White" some time ago.  I understand that most people do not like the auto mix, and all those people were understandably upset when Adobe first removed the preference and set the default to apply the auto mix when hitting V to convert to B&W.  So those people spoke up and Adobe at some point reversed that default, and now when you convert to B&W ("V") you get a flat mix (all 8 color bands zeroed).  Good for them.

But here's the problem.  Some people, like myself, actually LIKE the auto mix!  But now I can't achieve it by simply pressing V - I have to perform extra steps or use a work-around (like going to the B&W panel and clicking Auto, or creating & using a preset).  I don't want to do any of that... I just want to click V.

So it seems like removing the "Apply Auto Mix When First Converting To Black And White" preference is always going to leave some people unsatisfied (either the people who do, or who do not like the auto-mix, depending on what the default is set for).  SO... why not bring that preference back?  With one simple checkbox, people can chose which way they prefer it, and get their desired result upon simply hitting V.  All parties satisfied!

Efficiency and speed are important to so many of us because many of us process tens or hundreds of thousands of images each year.  And little tiny things like an extra step or two add up over the course of all those images.  So preferences, obviously, help us customized our specific work flow and make our jobs easier.  Removing a simple preference for something that people use & prefer in different ways doesn't make sense to me.  Please bring it back!  Thank you!


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