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Wed, Nov 13, 2019 10:21 AM

Lightroom Classic: Refreshing crop view on secondary display


My secondary display has a delay showing my cropped photo. If I crop the photo, LR Classic will refresh the second monitor only after I change something on the photo. For example, I crop the photo. The primary monitor shows the cropped area, but the second monitor shows the original area. If I change the crop area to whatever, the secondary screen updates and shows the previews cropped image (not the new crop). If I exit the crop tool, with the image cropped, the secondary display still shows the previews crop. If I change anything on the photo, for example, exposure by 0.1 (or anything else that forces a refresh), the second monitor updates the photo and shows the current crop. So, what I mean is that the second monitor is one step behind the primary display when showing the cropped image.
Besides, when I click the crop tool, the primary monitor blinks the photo very briefly and shows the previews photo I was working on, then shows the current photo again with the crop tool enabled.

PS: I'm using the latest LR version.

Any thoughts?


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7 m ago

I'm using Lightroom Classic CC 10.0 on a brand new Macbook Pro with MacOS 11.0.1 and the problem still exists.  Dell Ultrasharp U2711 external monitor @ native resolution 60Hz,connected via DisplayPort. Dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 5300M GPU.

Update delay only happens with Olympus RAW photos though. JPEGs work fine. Here is a file you can test with:

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It's annoying. This bug exists for month already and is not resolved. When reading through this thread, I'm wondering what effort people are doing for finding workarounds.
When started using LR, I assume it was around version 7, even a live preview of the crop on the second monitor was possible, not only refresh after releasing the mouse. That's already gone for years.
As the last post from joe_bazooka and also the workarounds for this bug show, that most of such issues come from poor GPU support and already aged 2nd monitor support. 

It's ok to pay a monthly fee if always getting current software where bugs are resolved in a timely manner. Improvement and bugfixing is necessary in multiple areas in LR Classic.
C'mon Adobe, please start listening to your users.

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Did you actually report the bug? This is just a community forum.



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@joe_bazooka This is the correct place for bug reports, and the acknowledged badge at the top means it's been confirmed by a staff member and added to the internal bugbase.

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Victoria, there has been exactly one (lame) staff interaction on this topic with zero follow up, and no action by Adobe for at least a year. Complaining here has absolutely no effect.  It's a dead end.

The Adobe bug report form is here. The bug tracker is here.  If Adobe sees more bug reports coming in, THEN maybe they'll decide to do something about it.

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This is the official bug reporting site.

If you follow the links you've posted, you will find that Lightroom is not in the pulldown fields.

Please see: 

As Victoria has said:
This thread is marked as Acknowledged at the top. That means a bug has been filed. If additional information is needed to complete a fix this thread will be contacted. If a fix is made and deployed via a software release, this thread will be notified.

Any additional bug reports made will be merged into this thread. 

"Likes" to this thread are counted by our bug database. That is the most effective way to affect this issue. 

ETAs for fixes are not supplied prior to a final fix being released.