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Thu, Feb 14, 2019 8:24 AM

Lightroom Classic: Really need to fix the Sync times. Pathetic throughput.

The sync times are pathetic. One wonders if the Adobe cloud servers are on old dial-up modems. I set up a new fresh install of Classic, new catalog, and turned on sync. The first few thousand streamed in in a matter of a few minutes. The last half, about 20,000 have so far taken a week, and it's now down to the last 48 photos. The current rate should see those synced by tomorrow.
It's not my bandwidth, I'm on Fiber Max. 60/40. Very fast. Except for Adobe. Pathetic I say.

Is there some reason for this? I mean, it's almost unusable at this rate. It would be quicker to sync with Dropbox, or iCloud or some such. 
I can push all my images and videos to any of them, Dropbox/iCloud/Onedrive in a very short time. Nearly 300GB. In a very short time. I looked at Downloading, from Lightroom Web, using the nice looking Adobe app, and it was going to take weeks... I stopped it. Waste of time.

Looking at Classic right now, and the numbers don't make sense.
In CC, and on the Web, I have 43,505 images.

Here in classic, with 48 images left to sync, it's showing this. And I ask, how can it have Duplicates. This is a new catalog?
oh well. I give up really.


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