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Wed, Mar 3, 2021 2:44 PM

Lightroom Classic: raw development versus camera raw

I have an issue with colors - photos made in the dark with lightning show no good result if I compare the photo in JPG (developed by my camera) with the raw format.

1. Camera Jpeg (the tube IRL was purple and violet, not blue).

2. Lightroom RAW Development (If I shift blue to violet, I will leave the gradients (on the tube edges), and I'll have the same color on the tube and on the cloth, which is not correct.

I found the report with the same issue 8 years ago -


Please help.

Thanks for considering my request.




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2 m ago

That's very unusual lighting, you would be better off using the DNG Profile Editor to make a custom camera profile for that kind of lighting.

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2 m ago

Missing information that might help:

Kelvin temperature of the blue light.

Model of camera.

Shooting mode (Portrait, neutral, etc)

White balance setting of camera

Lightroom color profile:

White balance settings

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Rikk, below is the original post in the LrC forum with a download link to the CR2 file used in the posted screenshots. The Camera Standard and Camera Neutral profiles do NOT exhibit the color shift so it appears to an issue with the other camera profiles.


At the over problem report link referenced above a Lightroom forum post is mentioned where Adobe Engineer Eric Chan explains what the issue is.. Unfortunately, when the Adobe Forum hosting software was changed recently a decision was made to delete all posts prior to 2016. As I recall Eric mentioned it was due to a limitation of the current Adobe camera profile specification and it was something they were to investigate for a possible fix.