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Mon, Jan 8, 2018 7:06 PM


Lightroom Classic: Quit button location problematic

Here's an important suggestion: Move the "Quit Lightroom” button so it’s not-so-easy to accidentally hit when you don’t intend to close LR. The button now is placed where we automatically hit to close a document. I’ve spent lots of time re-opening LR when I didn’t intend to close it. Makes me crazy! And/or, add an option "Are you sure you want to quit." Thanks. Dee


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3 years ago

Hi Dee. I'm not following you on the "Quit Lightroom button... is placed where we automatically hit to close a document" Could you post a screen shot?

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3 years ago

You must be using a Mac.
With most Mac programs the X button only closes the active window you are working in and leaves the  program running in the background.
With other programs the X button closes down the program. It is hit and miss which program do what.
Since LR is a Single instance program you can't close a LR window and leave the program running in the background.
I suggest you stop hitting the X button when you don't want to close LR. It can't be that hard to stay away from it. After all it's in the Top left hand corner of the window.
That is unless you are talking about some other button that you have on your system that closes down the LR working space.