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Fri, Dec 22, 2017 6:39 AM


Lightroom Classic: Purchased LR6, how to download

How can I download my purchased LR6 to my new computer?  I have it on my present computer.


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3 years ago

Have you tried logging in at your account at Adobe. I guees there is a download link for you or else you can use



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3 years ago

And since you have a new computer Debbie, you might also want to learn the right way to move your catalog.

Victoria Bampton a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen

Author of Adobe Lightroom Classic - The Missing FAQ and Adobe Lightroom - Edit Like a Pro books.

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3 years ago

I just had the most disastrous move of LR6 from one machine to the other.  Took 5 hours.

I started by signing out on the old machine.

I next tried to install (on the new machine, with a fresh Windows 10 install) from a fresh download of LR6 from Adobe's site.  The install hung at 99% and I had to kill the task but LR6 worked.

Next I tried to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.14 using "updates" from inside LR.  The first thing that happened was Adobe Application Manager said it was updating itself.  That process also hung but this time the application didn't work after killing the installer.

Three hours of fiddling with that resulted in figuring out that the thread that was hanging both installs was the Microsoft C installation portion of the installer.  I killed that one thread and Application Manager install finished.

So now that Application Manager finished upgrading itself, guess what it upgraded itself too?  CC manager!  And guess what else?  CC manager won't upgrade LR6 to anything but LR CC or Classic, not to 6.14! j In fact, if you click on "upgrade" it forces you to buy one or the other.

After googling and finding the 6.14 patch download on Adobe's site, I finally installed 6.14.

Adobe's hard-sell on the CC applications is entirely out of control and this was the last straw - writing your installers to force the hard sell for you.

I spent thousands of hours of my time Beta testing and supporting LR users in the forums just to have it end with this sort of treatment.  Google's code of conduct includes the phrase "don't be evil".  It's a shame that Adobe hasn't adopted that strategy.