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Wed, Nov 28, 2018 4:19 AM

Lightroom Classic processor usage spike after Lightroom CC mobile sync

Lightroom Classic sometimes, perhaps even most of the time, settles in to using about 40% of each core on my 4 core iMac (2012ish version) until I quit and restart the program.   This is not a new problem.  It has been going on for several Lightroom Classic/Lightroom CC updates.   The issue has occured on macOS High Sierra in addition to Mojave.  I don't remember if it happened on earlier OS releases.

To reproduce (mostly):
  1. Take a picture on an iPhone.   Doesn't make any difference if you use the Lightroom app or the native phone app.  Doesn't make any difference if the image is jpeg, heif, or DNG.
  2. launch lightroom on the phone if the picture was taken with the native app.
  3. Make sure the image has synced to the cloud.
  4. On the Mac launch Lightroom Classic CC
  5. Select the photos imported from the phone.   Assign any keywords, titles, captions, etc.
  6. In the catalog right click on a folder and select "create folder" inside existing folder.
  7. Name the new folder.  Make sure "include selected photos" is checked.
  8. Select the newly created folder in the catalog.
  9. Edit one or more if the images.
Soon afterwords the processor utilization will be pretty steady with Lightroom Classic using about 40% of each core.   This will continue even if the images are deleted from All Synced Photographs collection.  The only way to get processor utilization back to normal is to quit Lightroom Classic and re-start.

Note that this is a minor annoyance.  Whatever Lightroom is doing doesn't seem to slow the machine down.


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