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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 9:38 PM


Lightroom Classic: Problem with focus on "Distorsion" field in "Lens correction" section

There is little but annoying problem in the Lightroom (latest CC version on Windows 10) Develop module.
The problem arises when the "Enable profile correction" checkbox is unchecked and you are using Tab key to move between fields (I'm often filling color noise reduction values using a keyboard and Tab to move to next field) and you press Tab by mistake on the end of "Detail" section.

The focus jumps to the Distorsion field, but as it is disabled (Enable profile correction is unchecked), you are in the trap. It is not possible to change the value, but when you try to get out (clicking by the mouse or using Tab key another time), Lightroom shows "Invalid numeric entry" dialog and after pressing OK sends focus back to that field.
The only solution I found is to click on Library in the top panel and after once again "Invalid numeric entry" dialog Lightroom switches to Library module.
The error is fully reproducible on fresh photo, but once you click on "Enable profile correction" checkbox LIghtroom fills in value 100 and it remain in the field even if the checkbox is unchecked back, so the error is eliminated as there is correct value in the Distorsion field.
Hope that my description helps to find and correct the problem.
Thanks for your help and all the best in the year 2020




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9 months ago

Works ok for me on Lr9.1 and macOS 10.14.6.  
Unchecked it tabs to the next ENABLED field skipping Distortion.
Checked it tabs to Distortion if that is the next Enabled field.

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9 months ago

Thanks for letting us know, @Jakub Serych.
The issue seems to be specific to Win 10.
We are investigating.