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Fri, Apr 13, 2018 11:46 PM

Lightroom Classic: Presets in Develop Presets DO NOT update to reflect what shows up in LR

I've recently updated some User custom presets, renamed them, updated, and now I need to get them out of LR (they show and function fine when LR is open). I try to go to Preferences, show user presets (under develop presets) and all I'm seeing is the old presets, old names, not the new updated ones. Can't seem to get these new presets out of LR and I need to send these to my outsourced editor. Help! 

I tried changing to "store presets with catalog", closing LR, reopening. Nothing, the Lightroom settings folders showed up empty. I changed back (unchecked store with catalog), restarted LR, nothing, same old presets showing. Tried restarting computer twice, downloaded OS X latest update. Nothing is having an effect on LR. How can I get these new presets out so I can send them to my editor? 

If I right-click on them and select show location, they map to an XMP text file, they don't go to Develop Presets folder.


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3 years ago

open up the presets folder and instead of going to develop presets scroll down and go find a folder called settings.  you can grab all of the old presets and delete the versions from there.  What LR does is convert the preset files into xmp files which reside there.  



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3 years ago

When you right-click and it takes you to the xmp ones - those are the ones you edited. Only thing is your outsourced editor will also need to be on 7.3 to be able to use them.