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Mon, May 7, 2018 12:38 AM

Lightroom Classic: Please make Views work the same in all modes

I use two monitors with LR Classic. Built-in 21.5" iMac display with menu bar, and 25" HP display (both 1920x1080px.)

Views work differently in Library mode vs Develop mode (and poorly in both.)
In Library mode, I can have Grid View on the iMac monitor and Loupe View on the HP. But when I switch to Develop mode, Loupe View is forced onto the main window. DO.NOT.WANT. I want the main window to remain in Grid View and the secondary to be Loupe View... JUST LIKE IN LIBRARY MODE.

This of course also has the potential for unwanted changes, since its much harder to tell if multiple images are selected with Grid View gone.

Full Screen, of course, is utterly worthless. Apple had it right in Aperture- a floating adjustment palette and granular magnification. How could you bungle this so badly? You had a superior example to follow. Oh and Full Screen can't be toggled between monitors AFAIK.

If I have Loupe View on both windows and use the Profile Browser, guess what? The secondary window won't show a preview when I mouse over each profile. Even when Live is clicked in the upper right.

And you know if the main window is in Loupe View and you zoom out (command-) then it switches to Grid View? Seriously? And there is a bug where mousing over a main window image in Grid View shows that image on the secondary display. So if you accidentally zoom out too far and your mouse is over a different image than you were showing, the image changes too. Boo, hiss. 

In Library mode, all four arrow keys work in Grid View. Up and down arrow move up and down a row. Switch to Develop Mode and up/down arrow no longer work, so you have to browse right and left linearly.

There needs to be a way to lock the edges (I'd love to NEVER show the filmstrip. I hate having things popup when I move the mouse near an edge.)

So as it is, the main window goes on my HP without the menu bar, secondary window on the iMac monitor, and I curse every time I have to switch modes.
Repeat after me- the UI should not change how it works during use. Consistently is good. Lightroom Classic is a mess.


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