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Mon, Oct 31, 2016 9:35 PM


Lightroom Classic: Please make it possible to add multiple watermarks on to one photo!

I have started taking pictures for a music venue, and need to be able to put put both their watermarks and my own on one photo. Currently I have to export all them with one watermark reimport and then export again. It takes so much time and is extremely tedious when i am sure an easy update could be made. Please update this!! :)


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5 y ago

Could you make a watermark with both yours and the venues logos in one? That could save you a lot of time.

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4 y ago

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LR: I'd like to see an option of allowing to watermark more than one at a time.  I often apply 2 or more logos and export in batches.  If LR had this option it would allow me to save on space and time.  Thanks!

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2 y ago

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Any chance Lr Classic developers can add an option to add multiple watermarks? There are other plugins available from other sources, but I wish LR had this option. Please maybe discuss it for  a future update. Maybe the possibility to add up to 4 or 5 watermarks. Because for event work, sometimes you have to do one at a time and by the time you get to importing the 4th batch  (already watermarked), the photos have degraded in quality. Yes, I've tried making one single watermark from 4 or 5 watermarks, but they don't always fit right.

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2 y ago

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Boa tarde a todos, tudo bem?

Eu estava procurando uma maneira de inserir várias marcas d'água de uma só vez na parte de edição / exportação de fotos do Lightroom. Lá eu tenho a opção de adicionar uma marca d'água em qualquer posição, mas eu gostaria de adicionar 02 marcas d'água em diferentes posições da imagem, por exemplo, uma no centro da imagem inferior e outra no canto superior direito. Estou enviando este exemplo abaixo de uma das minhas fotos onde inserir essa marca d'água, tive que importar a imagem e exportar com uma tag uma vez, e depois que a imagem já foi exportada com a tag, eu importei novamente, apliquei a outra marca onde eu queria e exportei a imagem novamente, obtendo assim o efeito que eu queria, como é neste exemplo abaixo. Eu pesquisei e pesquisei muito e não acho que haja uma maneira mais fácil de fazer isso de uma só vez. Mas eu gostaria de sugerir como uma idéia para uma próxima atualização, talvez, e se você tiver alguma idéia ou sugestão sobre como eu posso fazer isso, muito obrigado pela sua atenção. Obrigado novamente e desculpe por qualquer coisa.


Add Translation: Good afternoon everyone, all right?

I was looking for a way to insert multiple watermarks at once into the photo editing / exporting part of Lightroom. There I have the option of adding a watermark at any position, but I would like to add 02 watermarks at different positions of the image, for example, one in the center of the bottom image and one in the upper right corner. I am sending this example below one of my photos where I insert this watermark, I had to import the image and export with a tag once, and after the image was already exported with the tag, I imported again, applied the other mark where I wanted and export the image again, thus getting the effect I wanted, as it is in this example below. I have researched and researched a lot and I don't think there is an easier way to do this at one go. But I would like to suggest as an idea for an upcoming update, perhaps, and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can do this, thank you very much for your attention. Thanks again and sorry for anything.

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6 m ago

As a sports photographer ist becoming more and more regular to get the request to include multiple watermarks. Competitions want to add their water mark and in some cases the watermark of the sponsor or sponsors per event if there are multiple events within a competition. Currently Lightroom only supports one (1) watermark. The work around is to set you to set up a script in Photoshop and run it as a bulk script. Its tedious and means exporting from Lightroom and applying the script through PS.

Can you guys consider this as a idea that you can productise ASAP ;) 

Thank you.



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