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Sat, Dec 1, 2018 6:59 PM

Lightroom Classic: Performance problem pasting Develop settings on embedded imports

* Import a dozen photos w/Embedded-preview only
* Develop the first one, set everything from exposure to lens correction (That works fine, very responsive)
* Out of Develop mode, Copy Develop setting
* Select remaining 11 photos, Past Develop Setting

This is where it turns pear-shaped. The "Applying Settings" Progress bar takes about 30 seconds per image on a i7-8700k @ 5.0GHz w/SSD, and still doesn't update the preview. You then need to click on every image for it to generate a new preview, and that takes another ~30 seconds, no progress bar or anything to allude to what it's doing, and the preview will be very low-res - so it will appear as though the Paste didn't work and LR has now locked up.

I would hate to think how this performs on a lower model PC... Was a significant waste of time on mine (which is almost as fast as you can get, currently) - 10 minutes to just basic-dial in a set of shots.

LR Classic CC 8.0




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2 years ago

It seems that you want to import with minimal preview option. The import with embedded preview option tries to avoid rendering the thumbnails when it is absolutely necessary.

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom