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Sun, Jun 9, 2019 4:23 PM


Lightroom Classic: Paste / sync settings is slow

Hi there,


since version 8.x? the sync / paste settings function is very slow. I read about this issue here:

I use always new catalogues, ' Optimize Catalog' does not help.


Can anybody from Adobe check this issue please?




This conversation has been merged. Please refer the main conversation:




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a year ago

Hi Sewi,

Can you provide some details on what settings you are syncing? Also since which release are you seeing this slowness?




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Merging with relevant topic.

Please reference the new conversation here: Lightroom Classic: Paste / sync settings is slow (merging)

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a year ago

Same issue here. Latest Mac OS and Lightroom Classic version on a maxed out 2015 MBPro. Both copy/pasting settings and syncing settings has become atrociously slow.