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Sat, Jun 6, 2020 4:50 PM

Lightroom Classic: Original with Copies: original photo deleted & copies lost!

Lightroom original with virtual copies:

If I mark the original photo and delete, the original and all virtual copies are lost.
LR doesn't just delete the virtual entry for the original and keeps/ assigned the DNG to the first copy, as expected.

This is quite dangerous as it's difficult to understand in a setting with many virtual copies if you're marking an original for deletion, which leads to all copies being lost, too!


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1 y ago

A VC (Virtual Copy) is just a 2nd entry in the catalog pointing to the "master" image's catalog entry at the point in time the VC was created.   One can remove the VC without affecting the master image.  However, if one removes (or deletes) the master image then the VC's have nothing to point to and they too go away.  

I can see how this could be non intuitive and it would be nice for LR to throw a warning about the VC's if any are attached to a master image being removed or deleted.  Perhaps asking if the VC's should also be removed or if one of them should be made the master.  You may want to add this as a feature request.

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1 y ago

Sorry but I don't fully understand you question.
If you Delete the Original photo that a Virtual Copy was made from the VC also is Gone. It is Virtual, It Does NOT Exist without the original.

If you delete the Virtual copy the original images is not deleted or touched in any way.

If you Delete the original the VC Does NOT become the original as a Virtual anything can NOT exist without the original



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1 y ago

Thats the way it is designed to work.  You can't have a virtual copy without the master file. Lightroom even tells you it is removing the virtual copies in the Dialog.   If you want the first Copy to be the Master then in Library use the menu command Photo/Set Copy as Master, then remove the old Master. 

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1 y ago

Dan's suggestion of a dialog box asking if you want to make the VC the master to appear if masters are deleted is a good idea. I would support that as a feature request. You could easily mix up the VC with the master if you are hurried, under pressure, using your backup glasses ;-) or some such.