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Mon, Oct 17, 2016 1:40 PM


Lightroom Classic: Option to stop syncing photos in a Collection when that Collection is stopped from syncing

Bring back the possibility to stop a Collection from being synced AND stop photos in that Collection from being synced as well, in one-step.

Since LR CC 2015.7 this happens when you stop syncing a Collection (clicking the little sync icon or deselecting Sync with Lightroom Mobile via mouse contextual menu):

(Now you have to go and find those photos in that Collection from All Synced Photographs and remove them from there. Too many steps, too cumbersome and too easy to make a user error.)

There still is the requested option to remove photos at the same time when you delete a Synced Collection instead of just stopping it from syncing:

That same option should appear for just stopping the Collection being synced as well.

The first dialog for stopping a Collection from being synced is messy altogether as it asks if the user wants to "Stop syncing these photos?" but the button for doesn't actually stop syncing the photos and instead keeps those photos synced to LR Mobile and Web and just stops syncing the Collection name.

So at least more correct title could be "Stop syncing this Collection?" and that's not enough as there needs to be a way to stop syncing a Collection AND stop syncing photos in that Collection, in one step (unless they are part of another Synced Collection).




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4 y ago

Hi Detlef,

The 'All Synced Photographs' is basically a master collection to filter all your synced photographs  from different Lr mobile clients.  So if you remove this master collection,  then the synced images will be a part of your catalog ('All photos') and synced collections if any. Filtering it out based on sync status is what is important here.

Milan and Detlef, thanks for your feedbacks anyway.  We will try to figure out what best can be done in this area.


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4 y ago

I'm confused by this as well. Please correct me if the following is wrong:

Given: I have synced photos not present in currently synced collections (because previously synced collections were un-synced from Lightroom Classic CC)
Given: I want to remove these photos from Lr Mobile (synced photos) as I'm nearing the cloud storage limitation
Given: I do NOT want to alter any photo metadata or collection membership to any photos on Lr Classic CC on my iMac

The most straightforward way to do this is go into preferences under: "Lightroom > preferences > Lightroom CC" on my iMac, and click "Delete All Data" (shown in bold) in order to force a deleting and re-uploading of all synced data to Lr Mobile clients.

Is this really true? If so, ok. I'll periodically cost Adobe 20GB of bandwidth. I just don't see how this makes design sense.

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4 y ago

I apologize, but I did not read all of this in this thread. I do however agree with the original poster. Removing a collection from being synced (by unchecking the sync box) should absolutely remove them from Lightroom CC syncing. 

It makes no sense to me that if you uncheck a collection from syncing that these photos would remain in the Lightroom CC sync system.

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2 y ago

I second that the current design definitely is a bad one. All the functionality is actually there. It just needs to be given to the user to give the user the choice of the correct workflow for him, instead of making this extremely awkward.

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2 y ago

After reading for about half an hour on various sites, I still have no idea how to unsync a collection. This is ridiculous. And seems to have been going on for 3 years. I give up. I think my solution is to remove all photos from "all synced photos" then re sync the ones I actually want.

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1 y ago

Ok this is screwed up. the sync workflow is so flawed. Ive just filled my 20gb of storage.. so i selected some collections from syncing. But it doesn’t free up soace unless i remove the files individually from the all photos folder..

This is stupid.