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Sun, Dec 31, 2017 7:56 PM

Lightroom Classic: "Not responding" on ctrl+shft+C in Library mode

Lightroom CC Classic (latest version - 7.1) systematically gives me "Not responding" on ctrl+shft+C in Library mode. And the whole thing freezes. I have to quit and restart.

I'm trying to copy settings from one photo to paste to several others.

This is a new issue... I've made no changes to the library.

Windows 10 Home, i7-6700, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia 1080 Ti (yes, GPU acceleration is turned OFF in Lightroom).



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3 years ago

It sounds like it could be a graphics card issue. Have you tried any of the other troubleshooting steps outlined here?

Troubleshoot graphics processor (GPU) and graphics driver issues