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Mon, Mar 18, 2019 10:28 PM


Lightroom Classic: No" Apply During Import" for auto start Import

With LR off, drag and drop a file to LR in Dock, then there is no "Apply During Import" in the Import window - and thusly no way to apply Development Settings.
If, however, LR is on at the time of drag and drop, then the Import window is fine with "Apply During Import".
Would be awfully nice to, again, be able to apply development settings from auto start.

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Lightroom Classic: Apply During Import missing from Import window




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2 years ago

This bug also occurs on my LR 8.2 / Mac OS 10.14.3.

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2 years ago

We are aware of this issue and are investigating.
If you close import and open it again, the option should be available.