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Wed, Apr 11, 2018 8:38 PM

Lightroom Classic: Named people stack view

In people view the stacks of Named People show the oldest photo of the stack.
Is it possible to view the newest photo?


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3 years ago

Hi Mauro,

It's not something you can do currently. 

I did, however, find a post about some other cool keyboard shortcuts that will aid in using People view:

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2 years ago

Hi Rick,

People have been asking for this feature for about four years...  Maybe y'all would like to address it?  It seems like it would be a matter of adding a field on the back end which indicates which photo is the "Preview" per the keyword ID.

Also, this image seems to change depending on the context so if I'm only showing photos from my 2016 folder the preview image is the latest from that year.  It seems like a 1:1 preview photo-Person link is what people would prefer.

(SQL Programmer here so have some insight into what the backend is likely implementing)