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Thu, Apr 5, 2018 4:59 PM

Lightroom Classic: My Custom Tone Curves missing , and I can't save new ones

I just tried to run one of my custom tone curves, and they are not available in the new Lightroom. I checked that they are still in the appdata/adobe/camera raw/ Directory they have always been. There is no ability now to even save a custom curve.




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3 years ago

It seems working fine at my end.

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom



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3 years ago

When you say "the new Lightroom", can we clarify this is Lightroom Classic 7.3, or Lightroom CC 1.3? You'll find it under Help menu > System Info.

If it's CC 1.3, make sure you've selected one of the point curves (grey, red, green or blue) rather than the parametric curve button. Only then does the pop-up appear.