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Mon, Dec 30, 2019 12:22 PM

Lightroom Classic: Mouse cursor disappears when creating collection set within collection set

Steps to Reproduce:

Create collection set
Right-click on that and select "Create Collection Set" again
Fill out the name and press Enter key (don't click on Enter with mouse)
Mouse cursor vanishes until you move the mouse outside of the collection list

Minor annoyance if you're building a big collection tree, probably unnoticed in most cases.

LR Classic 9.1 / Win 10 Pro


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a year ago

i cannot duplicate what you are seeing. My cursor remains intact.  Video drivers and mouse drivers would be a good place to check and make sure you are up to date 
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a year ago

My mouse cursor disappears but I only have to move the mouse a pixel or so and it shows up where I had previously right-clicked.  I DO NOT have to move it outside the collection list.

Lr 9.1.  MacOS 10.14.6