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Tue, Sep 25, 2018 7:09 PM


Lightroom Classic: Loupe View: add EXIF field "focal length 35mm"

I want to be able to add the EXIF field "focal length 35mm". It's visible in the Metadata Panel in the Library Module, but I want to also be able to view it in the Loupe View(s) as I am browsing my images. Like others now (I think), I am no longer using a 35mm sensor-camera but still think in those terms.


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9 months ago

I agree. I have files from different cameras with different crop factors, and only full frame numbers make sense to me. The rest, I have to stop, think and try to calculate mentally.

Since the "Focal length in 35mm" is already available as a field in the EXIF metadata view, I think it would be nice to be able to have that field available as a metadata filter (to filter by Focal length in 35mm) and also for the grid/loupe view overlay.

Additionally, what I would love the most is to be able to see the 35mm focal length equivalent under the histogram (where ISO, focal length, f number and shutter speed are shown for the currently selected photo). Maybe it could be switched by right clicking over the histogram, the same as we can switch RGB/LAB values in Develop mode.

I don't have my hopes up for this at all, but... here goes my vote for this feature.

(Note: I know there's a plugin by Jeffrey Friedl that takes care of the metadata filter part, but like I said, what I'd like the most are the other features)