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Sat, May 5, 2018 1:34 PM

Lightroom Classic: Lost Edits/Files Moved

I am a total amateur. I use Lightroom to manage and edits files . . . I recently upgraded to "classic cc".

Today, I was importing photos from camera card and several days of photos that I know were previously imported and edited by me showed as "new -- to be imported."

I have two (related?) issues. Firstly, the files imported at the root "C" rather than "C/Pictures" .  When I try to move them within lightroom, i get a message that a file folder with that date already exists at c/Pictures.

Also, I cannot see edits made to these previous pictures.

What is going on? How do I recover my previous edits? How do I get my photos all organized in one directory? Is this related to that stupid OneDrive that seems to have also taken over my computer? Help please.


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3 years ago

Most likely you used another catalog to import. That does explain both issues.