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Tue, Dec 19, 2017 10:19 PM

Lightroom Classic: Lightroom Desktop: Custom Sort Order Cannot Update Classic Main Folder from CC Collection


This is regarding a workflow for editing my photos using desktop classic and CC on the iPad pro. 

For a wedding, I do the normal import and create a collection to begin syncing with CC mobile. Then for my main editing and culling, I work off of smart previews in the main folder location in the library. The collection is only a temporary place for these photos while I am working on the project to link to CC. 

Sometimes I have to custom sort the photos with the second photographer or move shots around from the day to make it flow in order. 

Here is the main issue -- Lightroom will not give the option to update the custom sort order to the collection from the main folder location in the library. This means CC mobile does not sync the custom order to my iPad. Now if I cull and sort on the iPad, which is a main reason to work remotely and cull images on the go or away from the desk, this sorted order will only update in the collection on the desktop and there seems to be no way to move/copy this sort order to the main folder. Which is one way to sync the two apps, but this means for the entire time I keep this project, I have to rely on the collection for the order. I don't want to keep the collection for jobs once they are completed, I will only need it in the main folder location on the desktop app. 

Now this is where the workflow stops. There is no way to update the custom sort order from a collection to the main set in the folder location, and the other way around too. (that I know of)

Lightroom, please give us a way to update custom sort orders from synced collections, to the main folder location. Everything works great for mobile editing and culling, but this leaves a big hole and frustration in the desktop to CC workflow. It clearly seems like a missed option because I don't know why we shouldn't be able to update the main folder from a collection synced of a custom sort order. 

Thanks for the help! 




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4 y ago

"Sometimes I have to custom sort the photos with the second photographer or move shots around from the day to make it flow in order. "

I can't help with the main issue of custom sort orders, but while waiting for Adobe to change the applications, perhaps you can avoid the issue by making sure the capture times of the multiple cameras are sycned?  One easy way to do that is to have each camera take a picture of the time shown on a digital watch or smartphone.  Then when you import all the photos from a given camera, select all of them, with the photo of the watch most selected.  Then do Metadata > Edit Capture Time, enter the time shown in the photo, and do Change All.  

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1 y ago

It appears that this problem has not been addressed. My use case involved preparing to publish a photo book. I'd like to be able to sequence the images in a synced collection on my iPad and have the synced collection back in LR Classic update based on my custom sort order. What I'm finding is that all of the LR cloud versions sync the custom sort order just fine - but not back to the synced collection in LR Classic. I'd prefer not to have to use the hack of renaming filenames, etc. to create a sort order!