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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 8:53 PM

Lightroom Classic: Lightroom ACR API

How can I get access to the below API?

In the Adobe Developer console I see the Lightroom / Camera Raw API is greyed our on the bottom right. Is this the API which is needed?




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2 months ago

I've been unsuccessful in getting any substantive information about the Creative Cloud APIs over the past several years -- it's a black hole.


Your screenshot is what appears when you're at and while editing a project, you click Add To Project > API, then change View By from Available To You to All. 


The only thing I could find by googling was this thread from 5/18/2020: 


The employee's answer implied the Lightroom / Camera Raw API was in beta, and she referred the poster to this:


But there's no mention of there of the Lightroom / Camera Raw API :-<

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This is absolutely correct even in 2021. Here is also ACR discussion with the same result

Somebody spent time and money to build this API, but nobody can use it. I like this world :)