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Sat, Feb 17, 2018 6:13 PM


Lightroom Classic: Library: favorites require extra clicks

Here's a tiny feature request to eliminate a few keystrokes.

I move between Folders and Collections all the time, and I have dozens of each.  In Library mode, the Favorites list at the bottom allows me to jump to either favorite Folders or Collections.  Nice.  But, with Solo mode enabled on the left, when Folders is open and I go to a favorite Collection (and the same vice versa), LR doesn't expand Collections.  I need another keystroke to open Collections.

Even worse, if my Folders list is long (which it is), I either need to close Folders to see the Collections bar or scroll alllll the way down to the Collections bar.  So I almost always need 3 keystrokes to jump to a favorite.

I can't imagine why it was programmed this way.  If I want to go to a Favorite Collection, in what circumstance wouldn't I want to go to Collections?  (Vice versa for favorite Folders.)


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3 years ago

I think this is made on purpose this way. Lightroom is designed to work with Collections, Collection sets and so, not with Folders. Thats why you can see your folders only in Library Mode but Collections you can approach everywhere in Lightroom.
So, this new feature (Favorite Folder) does allow you to see photo's from a particular folder without opening the Folders pane.

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3 years ago

Even so I think Mark Farber has a good point.  I struggle with the extra key strokes as well, since I really like going to my Collections while in the Library module, but do not like having to collapse LR Folders then expand Collections to acquire specific folder in Collections.  This is even more important when I want to change my Target Collection in the Library module.  I have to collapse my main Folder, assign the new collection and then reopen my main folder and find the photo I wanted to assign to the Target Collection.  Also, I have to do all this to just find out what my last Target Collection that I had assigned since I can't always remember what that was from day to day.   

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3 years ago

It is designed to work with both or they both wouldn't be available. They should make it easy to navigate from/to/in to/out of both of them.

--Steve Gandy Photography