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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 5:59 PM



Lightroom Classic: Let Me Change Custom Text on Export

Deciding on a custom text string at the time I'm setting up an export preset is of limited value. My custom text changes per project (hence custom) and I'd rather not have to go into the preset creator and modify it every time (especially since the setting is only valid for that particular project). Instead, I'd like the option to modify the custom text on export when selecting a folder like this:




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3 years ago


You can accomplish this now with about the same number of clicks.  Save your preset without entering any text into the Custom Text box.  Then:

1. Select the photos to be exported.

2. Do File > Export (instead of File > Export With Preset). 

3. In the left column of the Export window, select the preset.

4. In the File Naming panel, type the desired text into the Custom Text box.

5. Click Export.