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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 9:27 AM


Lightroom Classic: LAN synchronization: import from SD instead of copy

This suggestion is related to this one: sync over lan but please don’t merge it, it’s another suggestion.

Here’s the postulate: you’re on the field (mobile) shooting hundreds of Go with 1) poor or no internet and 2) limited storage on mobile.

According to adobe, IF you had enough storage to start with, which gets more and more difficult with ever growing resolution, you’d have to wait to get home to sync everything to the cloud, which would takes ages. Add the lack of background sync and you have a “bricked” mobile device for a while.

Here’s what I suggest: instead of copying the files onto the mobile device, only import preview or smart previews as on Lightroom. You’d be able to edit them full size when the SD is plugged, but would keep the raw on the sd.
Once home, only the catalog needs to be synced, which is way quicker. The raws can then be unloaded from the SD card, which is also way quicker.


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9 months ago

Good idea!