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Wed, May 29, 2019 11:47 PM

Lightroom Classic: Korean typing problem in Book module

Hi all,

I'm using Lightroom Classic to create a photobook. I tried to add some description in Korean, but could not type Korean correctly. Korean letters are consist of the combination of a few letters. But the typed letter could not be combined properly. When I copied Korea text from another application and pasted into text box in Book module, it worked. So, I guess typing related module only in Book module has problem. 

Does anyone resolve this issue by any solution??


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Lightroom Classic: Why does my "ó" keep turning into a plain "o" in the book module?


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2 y ago

Perhaps related to issue reported here: Lightroom: Can't type Unicode characters in Book module on Windows



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There are two other Unicode bug reports for Mac that aren't quite the same as your issue. I'll merge this with one of them.