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Fri, Sep 4, 2015 11:59 AM

Lightroom Classic: Is really slow with the update (macOS)

Lightroom became really slow when I made the update. When I'm in develop mode it takes a few seconds the picture to load, so my workflow has become annoying. I have the wheel spinning, then the picture loads and after a few seconds it focus




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5 years ago

Which OS? What kind of GPU card do you have?

The sympton suggests that you might not benefit from having the GPU acceleration on. Check out on how to turn it off and see the experience is better for you.

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom

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a month ago

My iMac easily exceeds minimum requirements and Lightroom Classic has slowed down with the latest update - and especially lags with dodge and burn tools.  I do a lot of bulk work daily and it's quite noticeable how slow it became.  Also, it sometimes ignores commands to change between  tools and Develop and Library commands.  Other times editing just stops and I have to reboot Lightroom to get functions back.  This is unacceptable with a workflow that has deadlines like mine does.

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a month ago

Same problem is being logged in another thread, slow and laggy interface after update to v10, affecting many users with more than adequate machines.