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Tue, Apr 17, 2018 7:21 PM

Lightroom Classic: is a hyena

The Hyena is dying out. Its evolution is a fail; the shape of its backbone has affected the birth canal of the females, giving their vagina a a 90o bend / kink that makes giving birth tremendously dangerous for the female and the pup.
Lightroom is the same.

LUA and SQL are the backbone of Lightroom and they are evolving into extinction.
if a computer with fast 32Gb memory,  running at 3.6Ghz or more still fails to be 1/5th as fast as ACR in Photoshop, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the software that millions of photographers and wannabee's are using.
Lightroom is flawed, is failing and is fxxked.
Every iteration of the LRCCCCCCCC 7.X is slower and more buggy / buggered.
Adobe has made Frankenstein and it is Lightroom and it is failing every consumer who wants a powerful cataloging / key-wording app.
The key-wording has not changed substantially since LR3.x, the cataloguing is still ugly. Cropping does not work fluidly - crop one image, move to another and press crop - and it displays the previous image for at least 2 seconds - (I Mean WTF)
Lightroom is heavy room, its not what photographers want / need / expect from a software house that created Photoshop 1 gazillion years ago.

Where do we go? Capture One?
On One RAW ( something with more ones / 1's / RAW's)

RAW converter was a fast, powerful but simple program which Adobe absorbed, but could not begin to compete with and they buggered it up to make a monster which slows everyone's workflow.

RIP Lightroom you hyena


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3 y ago

You know, you may have an impressive knowledge of female hyena anatomy, but it might be a good idea  to give up drinking for a few days....