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Thu, Oct 17, 2019 8:48 PM

Lightroom Classic: Increase Number of Simultaneous Sync Connections?

Is it possible to increase the number of connections between Lightroom Classic and Adobe's AWS EC2 instances to saturate my available throughput and get an initial sync done more quickly?

I'm trying to do an initial download of 700 GB of images. I have a gigabit Internet connection, and a wired gigabit network. My workstation has multiple gigabit interfaces. I have an 8 core processor, 32 GB of RAM, a 240 GB OS SSD, and 1 TB striped SSD array.  I would like to saturate my available resources so that the initial sync doesn't take weeks to get done.

All of my software is current.

I'm willing to modify configuration files if needed to increase Lightroom Classic's throughput.


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