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Thu, Dec 6, 2018 10:08 PM

Lightroom Classic: Import window stalls and fails to load. Import sometimes fails or takes a really long time

I'm having an issue with the most recent update to Lightroom Classic CC.

When I attach my CF card to my computer and LR recognizes that I have a new memory card attached the import window tries to open but fails.  I often have to cancle the import by clicking on the status bar at the top upper left and click import again to get it to come up. 


Sometimes while importing photos the import suddenly stops or stalls and I often have to restart the import process to get all my photos from the memory card.  I have also noticed that imports are taking much longer then they did in the past.  Not sure what has changed in this most recent update.

Solutions I have tried: I have used several different memories cards and I have also replaced my CF card reader hoping to fix the problem. Unfortunately the problem still persists. 

I would love some help resolving this issue.


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2 years ago

Could be bug, but to help isolate the problem try this.  Rather than importing from the CF card directly into LR,  Use Finder (Mac) or Windows File Manger (windows explorer) to first copy the images from the CF card to a folder on your computer.  It that too fails, the problem is in the CF cards or card reader or other operating system components.  However, if that works, then go into LR and import the images from the folder on your hard drive rather than directly from the CF card.  If that works it's probably an LR problem but at least you have a workaournd.  If that doesn't work you may have a corrupted file from the camera.  Beyond that, maybe someone else will offer a suggestion.