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Tue, May 28, 2019 6:36 PM


Lightroom Classic: I would like to have dynamic links to external data for Keywords List

I have read some of the comments regarding Keywords and the general deficiencies. Keyword management is an essential element of managing a library. The import into the keyword hierarchical list is useful but limited in today's data world. I would like to have a dynamic link to external data, such as spreadsheet or database lists. Even better, multiple dynamic links to same. In addition to the dynamic links to data managed by me, I would like to have multiple dynamic links to web based lists. Web links could for example include the classifications of life on Earth. Plants, animals etc. Sometimes the common names would be regional, but the scientific or latin names would remain constant. Biome lists, terrains, settlement types. There are many lists that could be used and I am sure the community could suggest many more. 
Linking to external data could improve data consistency and improve workflow.
Picking up on somebody's suggestion, the management of the keyword hierarchical list could be done on a seperate tab, but with the selection of keywords still in the library tab. Everyone creating their own lists of the same subjects is a huge waste of effort and resource. There could also be a method of sharing lists within this community, to everyone's benefit.
Improved data consistency provides better outputs.


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