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Wed, Dec 25, 2019 4:51 AM

Not a problem

Lightroom Classic: I would like a way to replace the folder prefix in my catalog

I moved my photos from one server (\\quadegg\Photos) to a new networked attached storage device (\\ALPHA\file1).  Now the sub-folders for the drive \\quadegg\Photos in my catalog are all missing.  Currently Lightroom requires me to relocate each one, forcing me to click on the subfolders 30 or more times.  Instead I would like to to right-click on the drive itself to update the prefix for ALL the sub-folders.  In my case I would replace \\quadegg\Photos with \\ALPHA\file1\Photos.

Moving files with the OS between servers or drives is a common use case, please support.




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a year ago

Do these folders reside in a Parent Folder? If so right click a folder and select Show Parent Folder... If not I recommend that you do add a parent folder on the drive which not only makes updating locations in the catalog a one step job but makes moving on drives as you've done a one step job too.