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Sun, Nov 17, 2019 8:08 PM

Lightroom Classic: How to rearrange a group quickly

I thought I'd share a tip that I learned a while back that saves time. Say you have photo at the back of a 100-shot folder that you want to move towards the front. Normally, you'd find that shot, click and drag it to the left and wait for the filmstrip to move and then drop it in where you want it. Or, in the Grid view, you'd do it a bit faster by dragging upwards and hopefully not overshoot.

LPT: Select the image but don't drag it. Instead, find the place where you want it to go and then CTRL click the photo that you want to be just before it in the photo order. Then click and drag that photo slightly to the left until you get the black vertical line 'placement indicator' and drop. The photo from the way back will snap forward to the spot just behind that forward photo. Hope this make sense.

Select the shot you want to move (right) then CTRL click on where you want it to go behind

Click and drag the left photo slightly left to get the black bar indicator

drop and the photo will snap forward to be together.


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a year ago

Thanks - Great Tip!



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a year ago

That is a cool tip.  

To add to what Seanhoyt-dot-art  said you can actually select multiple images in the first step and they will all move.

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a year ago

Thanks that's really helpful!  I just had to move some pics and it was painful!  I'll try this next time.

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a year ago

It works, THANKS!!