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Sat, Oct 6, 2018 9:46 AM


Lightroom Classic: How to quickly preview files in fullscreen

I have a photo collection of about 150k images and have recently started using lightroom.  Most files are on my NAS, except ones I am currently editing.

I have lightroom configured to create previews on import.

If I'm in a NAS directory that has a lot of pictures that I haven't used recently.

I like to look through the files in F(ullscreen mode) like I used to in bridge, say from a smart collection of edited files.

I noticed that this is slow as the preview is fully loaded before displaying an image (vs. Bridge showing a fuzzy version)- Is there a way to change this behavior as I'm happy with the faster loading way as I can quickly scroll through the images to find the one I am looking for.

Also is there a way to zoom in beyond 100% or gradually to 100%?

If it's not possible is there a way to right click on a directory and say "open in bridge" (for images in folders).


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2 years ago

Hi Juan
The easiest way way would be to right click on one of the photographs in that set in LR Grid view and click open view folder in Finder / Explorer, and then open that folder in Bridge, (however you do that).
You might be able to add Bridge as an External Editing Program, but I can't see how to do that.



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2 years ago

The Develop module builds its previews real-time, which will be slower when switching between images. The Library module uses prerendered preview files. Make sure the Library previews have been updated for ALL the files you are reviewing. With fullscreen viewing you need to 'Build Standard Sized Previews.' If you also want to view the files at higher Zoom like 1:1 choose 'Build 1:1 Previews,' which builds both Standard and 1:1 previews. To do this select all of the image files and then go to menu Library> Previews. Keep in mind building 1:1 Previews takes much longer than building Standard previews and will inflate the Previews folder size considerably (i.e. disk space). You should do this after each editing session to keep the Library previews up to date. New previews will be created for images that need updating.  You only need to create 1:1 Library previews when comparing a group of images at 1:1 Zoom view for noise and sharpness. Normally that's only necessary when adjusting those controls in the Develop module.

The Library module Full Screen mode (F key) with 'Fit' Zoom View takes about 1.0 sec. to fully render when switching between images on my system. The 'Full Screen and Hide Panels' mode (CTRL + SHIFT + F keys) is faster (~.25 sec.) and the image is only slightly smaller. To view at 1:1 Zoom simply click on the image with the + cursor or use the CTRL with + or - keys.



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2 years ago

Select the photos when you're not going to be using the computer and go to Library menu > Render 1:1 Previews. That will keep full size previews on your local drive so they're fast to load.

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