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Sun, Feb 17, 2019 7:11 PM

Lightroom Classic: gps data incorrect on web

I've began using Lightroom to create web pages for some of my images a few years ago. Recently I decided to allow a viewer of the page to "link to map view for images with GPS data" by clicking on the box when creating a web page. It worked correctly in 2017.  Now on version LR Classic CC 8.2. And I'm sure the last version also had problem as I had similar problem about September 2018. The GPS data is correct in the exif data. I can click on MAP and it will show up correctly. But when I create a web page (WEB tab) and ask for the data to be included (compass icon) with the image - when I click on the compass it takes me to a place not at all close to the correct coordinates. 

It would appear (experiment required) that LR Classic CC is not parsing the EXIF GPS text string properly when creating the WEB coordinates. It appears to me that first LR is dropping/ignoring the EXIF degree part and then uses the EXIF whole minutes field as the WEB degree field then the the whole part of the EXIF seconds field as the WEB minutes field and then the decimals of the EXIF seconds field at the WEB seconds. Cannot get the LR answer any other way.

It’s possible that LR is using some tools from the OS but I cannot tell and I would hope not. I am running MAC OSX 10.14.2. iMAC late 2014 version.

Thank you for any insights. I like creating sub pages of my website this way. Since I do not always desire to share GPS data it's not always an issue. 


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2 years ago

I don't use this much, but like you did many years ago and it worked great.  I tried using it just the other day, same version as you, and it was the wrong location for me, as well.



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2 years ago

Hi Chuck,

Which web library/template are you using in the Web module?

Also, could you share a screen recording?