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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 2:34 PM

Lightroom Classic: Getting started

Where can I find a tutorial for LR on a PC using Windows? How do I open LR with a fresh (empty) screen? I have been using a freebie editing package (Photoscape X) so I am familiar with some edits, but now I want to step up to LightRoom.


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a month ago

I would start with the Lightroom Queen's free getting started book that you can download:

An "empty screen" ? I think you mean a new catalog without any images in it yet....If so, File Menu > New Catalog...

Lightroom is almost exactly the same on Windows and Mac.

--Steve Gandy Photography

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Adobe and Scott kelby have a huge number of free tutorials. Just search. There are hundreds of YouTube as well that, in general, are much better than the typical YouTube video. But I would start with Adobe as who is more motivated to get you hooked on Lightroom?

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a month ago

Victoria's book is amazing! (I use it myself)

Here's another resource:

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a month ago