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Fri, Feb 15, 2019 10:24 PM

Lightroom Classic: Freezes when I drag any folder

Lightroom CC Classic freezes when I drag any folder.


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2 years ago

First, update your video driver from the video card manufacturer's website.
Next, update any mouse/tablet drivers.

If those two things don't work, a preference file reset is next: 

A Preference File will survive a Lightroom uninstall/reinstall. Sometimes weird behavior is corrected/cured by resetting the preferences. 

Reset Procedure:

1. Close Lightroom.
2. Hold down [Alt/Opt]+[Shift] while restarting Lightroom. 
3. Overwrite the Preferences when prompted by the dialog.
4. Close Lightroom.
5. Restart Lightroom.

Does the behavior continue after resetting the preferences?

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