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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 12:06 AM

Lightroom Classic Font size between Medium 100% and Large 150%

After the last update the fonts are much smaller.  Trying to drag and drop images into a folder has always been quirky to say the least.  Often the folder looks like it is highlighted, or you're between them.  Not to mention the auto-expanding sub-folder feature I'd like to disable.  First I like a higher level of folder sorting, and then at a later time I'd go in and sort within that folder as needed.  Don't get me started with how tiny the sliders are...

The main issue is that Medium/default ?100%? is too small and Large 150% is too large.  We need increments of 10 in this menu.  OR the ability to set each panel's size by pixels.  The filter bar text is especially too small.  All of the fonts should at least match the operating systems fonts when you right-click.  Those menus are just fine!

I'm using a ultra-wide curved 2560x1440 monitor.  I've played with the settings and even tried the manifest scaling option.  What I need is to set the font size in the folders and filters in Library view, but not impact the right-hand tools in Develop.  I also tried to adjust the identity plate, but the left option won't save a 10 point font, and goes back to 21!  Set to Medium scaling I can set it to 14.

When you go to 150% you can only see 1-2 boxes of Developer tools.  AWFUL! 

I also wish I could hide tolls within the boxes because I rarely use all of them in the lower modules.  This would mean a lot less scrolling in my normal workflow.  I've tried midi controllers, quick keys, and other approaches, but mousing is best, and it shouldn't be this difficult.

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