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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 2:51 PM


Lightroom Classic: File Name Generation preferences options should be available via Filename Template Editor during export

In Lightroom Classic, file export presets should be able to control values of the
three File Name Generation substitution rules, which currently are availableonly in the general Lightroom Preferences / File-Handling tab.

The most human-friendly filenames for use on a computer with a modernfilesystem and the like will include spaces and natural punctuation. The mostfriendly filenames to serve on the web will use different rules to avoidcharacters which become %-escape codes in URLs. 

Currently, a user who frequently wants to generate both kinds of filenames musttake two steps: first change Lightroom general preferences for File Handling,then export. The intention of an export preset should be able to include andspecify everything about the resulting filenames.

If the File Name Generation preferences are in the wrong state at export,useless hybrid filenames will be generated. I am constantly doing this andhaving to re-do time-consuming exports. Also I cannot start two export jobswhich require different filename substitutions, I have to wait till the firstcompletes, change general preferences, and then start the second job.

For example, suppose I want filenames {Creator} followed by {Title}, and in oneinstance Creator="Jane Doe" and Title="My PrettyPony".  An export preset intended for URLs would use a File NameTemplate 

and theintended result would be

and apreset intended for disk files, email attachments, CD-ROMs, etc. would be

{Creator} - {Title}
and theintended result would be

Jane Doe - My Pretty Pony.jpg
It seemsto me best to give this control to the user within the File Name Template withsettings which individually either override or defer to the General settings.This would permit a user, for example, to create either a single export presetfor (let's say) JPGs at 1000x1000 pixels and then override occasionally byselecting a new File Name preset, or define two like presets differing in theirFile Name template. But it would be satisfy my use-cases togive this control within the outer Export Preset instead of the File Nametemplate, if that seemed better or easier to implement.

While you are at it, please provide advanced control over the charactersubstitutions used. This could be implemented as an initial user preference forFile Name Generation with radio option as follows:

Alternative A1: use Substitution Settings defined below in this interface.
Alternative A2: use Advanced Substitution Settings defined in a file.

If A1 is selected, substitution settings are defined in the interface (as theyare now, at least in General Preferences, and I hope soon in other contexts aswell).

If A2 is selected, user provides a path to a Substitutions File in a special,text file format, which provides granular control over all substitutions.Motivation for this case is that users will encounter a wide variety ofatypical filename character restrictions, which can't all be handled with a fewwell-chosen standard choices (as there are now). For example, some filenames Igenerate need to be processed by another piece of software which cannot copewith # or ' in filenames, but there is no way to avoid their appearance infilenames if they appear in image metadata, e.g., Creator="JohnO'Connor"  Title="Graffiti Composition #34". Either I can havea convention never to let these characters appear in image metadata that willget inserted into a filename, or cope with exceptions by hand-renaming, orcreate a whole interim renaming step in export workflow using a different pieceof software. Much better to get the filename right the first time on exportfrom Lightroom, and 90% of the functionality is already there.


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