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Mon, Sep 28, 2020 10:32 AM


Lightroom Classic: Favorite folders cannot be unmarked

I have folders marked as favorite and I cannot unmark them. When I open the context menu, I can mark it as favorite (even though it already is) and then unmark it, but the star next to the folder icon stays.


Since I updated to the latest version, I can mark and unmark new folders at first without any problems, but later not anymore.


I think the only thing I did was filtering on the favorite folders only followed by trying to unmark a folder while the filter is active. Afterwards its not working for any folder anymore.


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5 months ago

Could you please click folder navigator displayed on top of the filmstrip, select the required folder, and then select "Remove From Favorites?"



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I have the same problem.

Marking/Unmarking from the Filmstrip does not change the status of the folder.



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5 months ago

To build on Sunil's reply: The user interface for unmarking folder and collections favorites can be very confusing. It sounds like you may have saved a favorite containing more than one folder, in which case it's even more confusing.


To remove such a favorite, click the source navigator menu at the top-left of the filmstrip:

Then click the favorite item you'd like to remove (in the screenshot above, that's "Folders: auto-imported, f2, f3"). 


Next, click the source menu again and click Remove From Favorites at the bottom of the menu.


If a folder appears in multiple favorites, you'll have to repeat this for each such favorite.