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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 10:36 PM

Lightroom Classic: Face Detection efficiency gains diminished by poor text matching options

Face Detection speeds up the process of organising photos of multiple people.

The most intuitive label for face detection is using the person's name.

However, Smart Collections Any Searchable Text options fails to perfectly match the name because there are no options that understand word order. Names where first names and surnames have similar root words are easily confused.

The end result is you have to start making exception condition rules which also means being on top of every name in the list. Then you have to go through every collection to make sure there are no mistakes - of which there were.

Just tried this on 100 people and the face detection speeds things up, but every gain in time was lost to trying to fix the broken text search.

PS. Don't merge this. It has to been seen by those who own the (newer) Face Detection feature.

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8 m ago

The lack of exact match for keywords is frustrating. But a much better workaround surfaced recently using Starts With and Ends With:

This matches the keyword "John Smith" but not "Smith John" and not "John Smithson". It's not absolutely perfect -- it would accidentally match "John Smith John Smith", but I think in practice there wouldn't be any such examples.

(Up until a couple years ago, Starts With was broken and couldn't be used in this way.)