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Wed, Feb 13, 2019 11:15 AM


Lightroom Classic: Export of collections metadata only

I want to export the catalog metadata information of collections (title, what's inside, oder of images) separate from the catalog or to store the collection name and position in collection in the xmp file.
I have a grown catalog, which I cannot import to a new version (due to an unknown error!). The xpm sidecar files saved my development + metadata work.
The missing part are collections.


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2 years ago

Any virtual copies, or proofing copies, are not covered by writing XMP metadata out to the file.

One or two other things too, such as pick/reject flag. Print collections, custom sort...

The only thing that can express Collection membership (and house virtual copies) is: a Catalog.

If your current Catalog is usable, but is refusing to participate in a LR version upgrade, then there may be some sort of problem buried in its overall database structure, despite the individual info for each photo still operating OK.

The Catalog can be set to "Optimize", assuming LR does not prompt a fix when it fails an integrity check.

Another idea would be to Export as Catalog including all of these photos, into a separate new Catalog. This will cleanly create a fresh database structure and then populate this with duplicate imported info for each of your photos, assuming that info can be accessed as is. Included in this transfer will be all your prior edits including develop settings and organisational metadata such as Collection membership. For virtual copies too.

I suppose as a last resort, you could go into your Collections one by one, apply a special new keyword onto the contents of each one suitably named, write out all this metadata to the files, and then import from scratch into a fresh Catalog. Then the Collections could I suppose be re-created by highlighting the results of a search on each one of these special keywords, making that collection again checking 'include selected images', then moving on to the next. Virtual copies would need to have been previously preserved via Snapshots and then rebuilt subsequently making use of those.

All sounds highly tedious and error prone. Definitely use a Catalog based method if at all possible! 



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2 years ago

"I have a grown catalog, which I cannot import to a new version (due to an unknown error!)."

Do you mean that if you install a new version of LR, it is unable to convert your catalog and reports an error?  If so, Adobe developers have in the past sometimes helped users fix the corruption.

I recommend you post a new topic with an appropriate title and description of your problem, asking Adobe to help fix the corruption. Be sure to include the first ten lines of Help > System Info.