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Tue, Oct 22, 2013 5:10 PM


Lightroom Classic: Edit Capture Time issue - Need a way to set all photos selected to same date & time

Edit Capture Time issue - When I select a number of photos and use "Adjust to a specified date and time", rather than all having the specified date & time they are changed but have different dates & time around what was specified. Have not determined pattern, maybe offset from original date.Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Lightroom 5.2


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2 y ago

One more vote for adding this possibility.

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1 y ago

The current version of Lightroom Classic (v. 9.3) still cannot properly set a batch of image to the same time. Frustrating.

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1 y ago

Seven years and still waiting.  I don't know if the folks at Adobe don't understand how much time is wasted with scanned images setting the Date/time one image at a time, don't understand the problem, or if they just don't care as it won't sell more subscriptions. 

But however you slice it, adding another option (or actually having the "Adjust to a specific date and time" actually do what the title says) could be anything but a trivial amount of coding.  Maybe Adobe can't imagine how something so simple to code could be that important. 

As said in other threads, It sure would be nice if Adobe Dedicated one release to implementing as many of these long standing, high frustration requests as possible instead of some wizbang feature that few have asked for and fewer will use.   Now, I must say, being able to apply HSL changes locally is one of those long requested ideas that finally made it into the product (albeit not the way most everyone would have expected it to be implemented).  

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1 y ago

I'm think it's time to bring this topic back into the mix of simple to implement and high value, yet ignored by Adobe discussion.  

With many folks staying home more and catching up on projects, more and more people are scanning old prints and negatives from their film days.  The problem is that the capture date on these images are the date scanned, not the (many times approximate) date of the original capture.   Even though these images are many times scanned days, weeks, months or even years apart we want all the images for a particular event or shoot to have the same capture date/time.  There is no way to do this In LrC except one image at a time.

In the change capture date/time dialog, add a 4th option that is REALLY a "change all selected images to a specific date time" such that all selected images get the exact date/time typed in.  Change the operation of the current option that has that name to something more indicative of what it really is (eg, adjust dates of selected images by same offset as first image).

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9 m ago

Hey there, 

I have been trying to edit the capture to for multiple photos with no success. I tried in grid view while using metadata > change capture time. the time of each picture changes but not to the one I defined even though the 'adjust to a specific data and time' option is checked.. 

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6 m ago

I just scanned 7000 of my father's slides dated from 1950 to 1977. The creation date in the file is the date of the scan. He has the actual dates on every slide and I've been changing them to that date using Metadata>Edit Capture Time>Adjust to a Specified Date and Time where I enter, for example, 11/1/1964.

I typically change a number of photos selected at one time and sometimes it works and I see the new date in the right column in Library as Capture Date. But somewhat randomly, it will change all but the last few photos to the correct date and the remaining ones are a date in the far past, near past or future (e.g. 6/2/1908 or 5/1/1964 or 3/21/2021--all examples I've seen today while trying to get 11/1/1964). It does always seem to work correctly if I only change one photo at a time--but lack of a negative isn't a proof that it does always work for one at a time, especially since I nearly always do multiples.

This is costing me lots of time and frustration with so many slides to change. Help please.

Lightroom Classic 10.1 Camera Raw 13.1 on Dell XPS13 laptop with Win10 latest release

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4 m ago

Sorting by "date taken" is the most common sort sequence for most viewing programs.  LR Metadata - edit Capture time uses something of a relative change process that often ends up with wild unmeaningful dates.  That works great to sync various camera's used during a single shoot.  But for scanned pics, or many other intermediate sources of pics (like Shutterfly) that date is changed to the "date captured"  (date processed by that scanner or intermediate program).  Example, to merge a number of pics from an event like a family birthday or wedding taken by multiple family members.  I know the real date and want a way to force the date that I specify to change uniformly as I enter it across the entire batch.  I may want to set the correct date first, then guess at the relative time to make the sequence seem logical.  (Walk down the aisle comes before the I do and kiss).  Having pics from one good modern camera is a big aid as a master source, but for many family event pics received from multiple sources, all you have are the date a scans of old prints was made, or the date accepted into an intermediate system like Shutterfly.  I have had ten plus different dates for the same event, some years apart.  Let me force the date to what I know to be valid for an entire selected batch.

Perhaps two selection buttons - "Relative Change" and "Specified Change."

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