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Tue, Dec 2, 2014 12:39 AM


Lightroom Classic & Ecosystem: Better support for comments and likes, in ALL publish services

Now that Adobe is committing to LR Mobile, it would be great if LR had better support for comments and likes:

- Ability to filter and search in smart collections for comments and likes. The Sort: Last Comment Time is helpful but not sufficient -- it only works with collections synced with LR Cloud, and you can only sort one collection at time (huh??).

- The same support for other publish services like Flickr that also sync user comments. Why did Adobe implement Last Comment Time and comment notifications just for LR Mobile? The underlying structure is already there to implement it for the other services as well. These other services have a diversity of features that many users find valuable and that are unlikely to ever appear in LR Mobile, so asking them to switch to LR Mobile just to get the trivial ability to sort by comment time is frustrating.

- SDK access to the comments and likes, so that plugins can manipulate that metadata just like they have the ability to manipulate other metadata. Just providing SDK access would let plugin developers provide the other functionality.


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1 m ago

My workflow has been severely hampered by not having an option to separate "hearted" or liked photos in a Shard album. Why has this not been addressed? Doesn't anyone share large Albums with clients and so they can choose their favorites? 

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled LR CC Urgently needed ability to separate "Likes"

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23 d ago

Can we please get a fix to view the photos in our collection that have likes and comments from a shared collection.   I'd like to send a collection to a client and have them select the photos they like before editing.

Looking at this post it is not possible and needs to be implemented soon.

Also noted that a 'long standing bug' has been identified that does not allow the photos to be sorted by comment time via the menu bar.

How are we to use Lightroom to share a collection with a client or colleague and get feedback easily viewable?

Thanks for fixing this bug and adding this basic sorting feature.

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Lightroom Classic: Shared collection likes and comments filtering??