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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 10:11 PM

Lightroom Classic: Easy way to crash. Every. Single. Time. Just have phone connected to computer.

Are you looking for a good way to crash Lightroom Classic 9.0 every single time, guaranteed?? Great!

I have just the solution for you.


  1. Connect your Android smartphone to your computer with a USB cable, preferably the factory cable that came with the phone.
  2. In your phone settings, change your USB preferences to "Use USB for: File transfer"
  3. Start Lightroom on your computer. 
  4. Sit back and watch Lightoom crash! 
  5. Cry.

Happens. Every. Single. Time.

How to fix it? Just disconnect your phone.


I'm using: Windows 10. Google Pixel 4XL. Android 10. Everything is patched with latest updates.

I've also seen it crash with a Pixel 3XL as well.


Clearly this is a bug with Lightroom that should be fixed. Adobe should now have about 25 logs sent to them. I can mail my pulled-out hair as well if you think it would be useful.


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1 y ago

This is a bug that Adobe knows about. I reported it numerous times and finally, the last time (1 year ago) they identified it from my crash report as an external USB device which I quickly found to be my Samsung Tablet.

Oddly, my Samsung phone does not crash Lr Classic when it's plugged in, only my tablet.

Adobe developers are far too slow when it comes to fixing problems like this. They have acknowledged it and know what it is, so I don't understand why one year later we still have to put up with the issue. It is just another bug added to their growing list which it seems they can't be bothered fixing.

Not giving a high priority to these known problems and fixing them quickly makes me think that Adobe doesn't really care about their customers or their Lr Classic product.




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1 y ago

Hi mnml,

Thanks for taking out your valuable time to report this issue!

We tried reproducing the issue mentioned by you at our end but were unable to do so. This is what we tried to do :
1. Connected Google Pixel 3XL to Win 10 machine(updated to 1903) with USB preferences to "Use USB for: File transfer".
2. Open Lightroom Classic 9.0. It opened without any issues.
3. Clicked on Import and successfully imported few images.

Please, let us know the following from your end to investigate further on this :
1. System Info (Lightroom Classic -> Help -> System Info)
2. Email Id entered while reporting the crash.


Thanks & Regards,


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yepp.same thing here with a huawei tablet.

the exact same thing to the detail.

to be more specific lr crashes when the import module is open.